Surrealism Gallery

My surrealistic oil paintings usually deal with themes that come to me in my dreams. "Surrealism" is in fact "on realism", meaning more than the rational or logical. Therefore most of my scenes are surreal insofar as they seem like fantastic, unreal, dream-like visions. Many of the elements I use in my surreal scenes come from the everyday objects and people around me, and as I compose them on the canvas, I myself am not all that aware of a rational or logical way of thinking. Thus surrealism stems partly from an automatic state of mind or from the "stream of consciousness".

Surrealism - Reaching for the Fruit Basket Surrealism - Clown Hat Surrealism - Mediterranean Fantasy Surrealism - The Frustration of Building Surrealism - Jacob's Dream
Surrealism - Double Image Surrealism - Pipe Mountain Surrealism - Motorcycle Fantasy Surrealism - The Desert War Surrealism -
Surrealism - War Machine Surrealism - Jewish Cemetery in Prague Surrealism - Memories Surrealism - The Peddlar Surrealism - Search for the Motorsycle