Watercolors Gallery

Watercolor is probably the hardest medium to master, the reason being that in watercolor there is no margin for error of any kind, not in the drawing, nor in the laying on of the paint. Watercolor must be laid on the paper thinly enough to be transparent; must be executed with a lot of self-assurance and never show over-working. Watercolor is poetry in motion and must be painted with an "intolerable ease" - it is the ultimate source of frustration for art students.

Watercolor-Trees in Banff, Canada Watercolor-Rocks on the Golan Heights Watercolor-Camping in Algonquin Park, Canada Watercolor-A Tree in the Forest Watercolor-The Dried up Log
Watercolor-Vase with Flowers Watercolor-Green leaves in Vase Watercolor-Arthur Rubinstein